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VanLife Doesn't have to end in the winter!

The VanLifeKC family absolutely loves to camp ALL year-round and we have the vehicles to make that happen. Even in the dead of winter. Our vehicles from vandoit are all equipped with an ultra efficient Espar heater that heats up the vans using gas in the gas tank so no need for propane on that trip!

Astrid the ultra-light trailer has a 20,000 btu propane furnace that keeps you toasty all night no matter the weather. Orange You Glad, our Honda Element camper has an option to take extra blankets and even get custom insulation for the rooftop tent. We also have a solar kit that can heat up water on your trip!

In the spirit of winter camping, we wanted to share some resources that have helped us plan our most epic past and future winter trips as a family - from skiing / snowboarding to beach camping and what to consider for winter camping. A big tip of the hat to the team at vandoit who sends out some great resources like these weekly in their Adventur'r newsletter which you should absolutely sign up for!

Also, if you are considering purchasing a vandoit van, please feel free to reach out to us to ask about our experience or fill out this form to have a van guru reach out directly to you!


6 Camping Destinations That Are Better in Winter

(Hint: it is beaches and deserts!)

We LOVE outside Magazine and they have some incredible articles and snippets that always get our gears moving. This article is no exception. In fact, this served as the foundation for an epic, upcoming 2 week long winter camping trip to the Louisiana coast that we are REALLY looking forward to. We will share info about that trip after we take it! We plan to eat our weight in seafood, have some fun family bike rides, and do some birding across 5 states!

A Beginner's Guide to Winter Camping

This is a fun article that talks about some things to consider for car camping. Some of the concerns are no issue for you if you rent one of our 4-season vehicles but it helps to think through where you are going and what to plan for when you go there. The also talk about HipCamp in the article which we love using for some unique trips to either stay at for a break from the van or a place to just park the van on the way or as a destination. Following the link will apply a $10 camping credit to your account if you don't already have an account set up.

Your Guide to Visiting National Parks in Winter

"These 11 beloved destinations make for ideal cold-weather trips, from soaking in hot springs at Big Bend to cross-country skiing at Rocky Mountain" One of my favorite things about this beautiful country is the focused and protected beauty of the National Parks. Visiting them in the winter can be just as fun as other seasons so check out this article.

The 10 Best National Parks to Visit This Winter

I can't speak to this list and I'm going to be real honest... I'm adding this here so I can look at it in the future. You can look too ;).

Sports & Activities

The Lost Art of Winter Cycling

I'm going to be honest... I'm not sold on this one... But I think I may try out some winter biking this year... ask me how it went next spring!

8 Ski Areas Where You Can Camp in the Parking Lot

Did I mention that we love Outside magazine? This article has inspired several trips that we are planning with some friends as soon as COVID is over. I am especially looking forward to Sipapu where kids under 10 ski free! I look forward to checking out these places, sleeping in my van, and walking directly to the lifts, boarding for a day and then rinsing and repeating!

The Best Outdoor Winter Activities In The Midwest

So, being partial to the Kansas City area, I think that there are a ton of options here that the author is leaving out in this article but you will just have to reach out if you want to find out what those are ;) In the meantime, let this inspire you for some short trips in the midwest... in a camper van or trailer perhaps?

The Best Winter Hikes in National Parks

"Don't let cold weather stop you from exploring. These eight trails in some of our favorite national parks may be even better in the winter." Did I mention that we like National Parks? Well we do... we really, really do. Several of these are now on our bucket list!


The Best Winter Camping Recipes: Warm Camping Meal for Cold Weather

I mean, you gotta eat right? We are adding all of these to our list and we might just add some of them into the at home rotation because they look so stinking good. Nom, nom, nom.

15 Healthy Camping Recipes That Don’t Sacrifice Flavor

Ok, so this isn't cold-weather dependent, but it is a pretty good list. All of our vehicles are well outfitted to allow you to cook all of these meals and we are always looking for healthier and nutritional meals and on the road can be harder than at home. Enjoy!

23 Best Camping Recipes - Basic & Gourmet Campfire Meals

Hey look! its a video if you don't like to read! I am really starting to get hungry now...

10 Vanlife Recipes That You Can Make While Traveling the World

So not winter again, but this is specifically for VanLife and as you might guess, we are big fans of that focus. I'm officially starving. I need to go make some food. See y'all later.