Gear We Use
(and love)

If you can't tell, the VanLifeKC fam LOVES the outdoors! Some of the most clever engineering on the planet is around the camping and outdoors community and we love to share the gear that we know and love! This page is where we recommend all of our favorites. We will update this as we have find more. Please note that some links are affiliate links and we may earn a small commission when you purchase through these links. We only put products here that we know and love, however.
VanDOit Camper Vans
VanDOit is quite simply the best adventure van company out there. Their modular design, quality builds, and unparalleled customer service has turned us in to customers for life. We have a DO model (Vanadium) that we rent out currently and will have a LIV model (Darth Vander) that we rent out on the regular. If you are interested in VanDOit, please feel free to reach out with any questions or you can fill out the form below and VanDOit will get in touch with you directly.
VanDOit Interest Form
GoSun Solar
Big news! We now have discount codes! Use the code "AMBASM2" for 15% off your entire order from GoSun! We love going off grid in our campers and the best way to do that is with solar! GoSun is our go to for anything and everything solar. so we never have to burn anything for power or cooking. We love their stuff and they are ALWAYS innovating. If you have any questions about their gear feel free to reach out. We own the GoSun Chill Electric Cooler, the Solar Table 60, the Fusion Solar Oven, the Flow Sink and Faucet, and several other things and we are always getting more of their gear. You can rent the "off-grid" package for your rentals if you want to try it out as well.
GoSun Website
Big Berky Water Filters
You may be asking why we would put something like a water filter from Big Berkey on a van life site. Well wonder no longer! We have a Royal Berkey at home and we love using their "Go Berkey" for camping trips or keeping a "Travel Berkey" in the van for fresh filtered water on the go. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our Berkey love!