Astrid The Trailer

"Astrid" The Viking Untralight Camper Trailer

Make and Model
Coachmen Viking (1080 lbs dry weight)

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“Astrid Hofferson” is her full name (If you have kids and have watched "How to Train Your Dragon", you get it). Astrid is a friendly, yet strong and adventurous Viking in the movie and so is this lovely trailer. Astrid is ultra light!

We have many more customizations to come so check back soon for more photos and info!

Astrid weighs less than 1100 lbs. We tow her with our 4-cylinder Honda Element with no problems, so if your car has a tow hitch, the odds are high that it will work for you as well. She also comes with a weight stabilizer if you would like that for the trip.

Custom Features:

  • Full sized bed to comfortably sleep 2 people.
  • Full electrical system that works with shore hookups and can run the furnace, lights, radio, speakers, and usb charging while not plugged in to power.
  • a 20,000 btu butane furnace to keep you toasty at night.
  • While plugged into shore power you can use Astrid's 5000 btu air conditioner and built in fridge to keep you and your things chilly.
  • An optional solar panel to slowly charge the battery if you want to go fully off grid and use the lights, furnace, radio, and charge your phones.
  • An optional propane grill that sits right on the side of the trailer.
  • An optional space heater to use electricity instead of propane to keep you warm.
  • Bluetooth stereo with speakers so you can watch movies or listen to books in stereo sound off the grid.
  • A canvas tent pop-up with lots of air flow that takes minutes to set up and tear down.
  • A foldable camping table.
  • Extra Storage so your vehicle could be completely empty or close to it for the trip.

Astrid is a ton of fun in a tiny package ready for 4-season camping and takes just a few minutes to set up and break down.

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