Orange You Glad

"Orange You Glad" Element Micro Camper

Make and Model
Honda Element
Sleeps 4, Seats 4

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"Orange you Glad"

I didn't say banana? It's an orange Honda Element... get it? Of course you do, You're clever! That is why you are looking into renting this fun and friendly "micro-camper".

"Orange You Glad" is our family Honda Element converted into a micro/stealth camper ready to hit the road and camp anywhere you want to spend the night. She will seat and sleep 4 comfortably. Two can sleep in the car and two-three on the rooftop tent. This is a great vehicle for 1-4 person camping and has indoor lighting and some fun hidden secrets. If you are just a party of two then you can sleep in the car comfortably with no one being the wiser. Hence, "stealth camper".

We provide several optional camping kits that are extensive ready to toss in the car and roll so if you are from out of town, or new to camping you don't have to travel with the basics.

Custom Features:

  • Interior rechargeable lighting to party all night long.
  • Rechargeable electric fan
  • Bug screening to sleep with the windows open in warmer weather.
  • Custom interior blackout shades that provide some interior color and heat insulation.

About the tent:

The tent takes one person less than a minute to set up and get open then just a few more to get all the windows that you want open and situated just right. Around 5 minutes all said and done. Packing it back up is pretty much the same.

  • Spacious design provides excellent head room to fully sit up and relax in the tent and take in the views from the large screened side windows.
  • Built in gear storage and storage bag on top with extra room for mounting a solar panel.
  • Room to store your bedding while traveling so you you can park, pop up and go to sleep.
  • Boot bags to keep your stinky shoes and clothes outside the tent.
  • Made from high quality 280g rip-stop ventilate coated poly-cotton material so you will be protected from even the heaviest rain and winds.
  • 7cm high density foam mattress makes it seem like you are sleeping at home (If you have a firm mattress at home that is. In our family, Mr. Vanlife likes it, Mrs. VanLife needs a bit more cushion so she brings a camping mat).
Tent Add-ons
  • Want to take this bad boy camping in the early spring, late fall, or even winter? You could also add-on a custom fitted insulator to keep the tent a lot warmer at night.
  • No cooler? No problem! We rent a small 28 quart cooler that fits perfectly in "Orange" for a small extra fee.
  • We also have a solar powered fridge/freezer, and running water coming soon!
  • Pillows (4)
  • Pillow cases (4)
  • Blankets (4)
  • 4 inch Memory Foam Mattresses for inside the Element(2)
  • Fitted Sheets (2)
  • Top Sheets (2)
Optional Camping Kit Add-on:
  • Kitchen and Grill Utensils
  • French Press
  • Forks (4), Knives (4), Spoons (4)
  • Plates (4), Bowls (4), Mugs (4), Cups (4)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Marshmallow/Hot Dog Roasting Prongs (2)
  • Small Backpacking Fire Pit / Grill
  • Camping Stadium Seats (2)
  • Portable Electric Lights/Lantern
  • Rechargeable Electric Fan
  • Kitchen Towel and Drying Mat
  • Dish soap (small container plant-based, eco friendly, natural fragrance)
  • Wash Basin
  • Surface Cleaner Spray (plant-based, eco friendly, natural fragrance)
  • Sponge (walnut and all natural vegetable cellulose based)
  • Trash bags (2 13 gal. Recycled)
  • Dustpan and broom
  • Cloth Cleaning Rags
Premium Camping Kit Add-on:
The Premium Camping Kit in the wild. Everything you need to cook while camping.
This isn't the exact setup we have but it give you a good picture of what all it has and what is included in the utensil kit.
The kitchen kit packed up on the left and set up on the right.

This Kitchen Kit is the next level camping experience:
It folds up about the size of a standard countertop microwave and comes with the following:

  • Collapsible Kitchen and storage area to prep, cook, and store gear
  • Propane Camping Stove (2 burners)
  • Propane Tank (1 lb)
  • A custom roll-up utensil and grill tool kit that easily attaches to the kitchen
  • Cast Iron Pans / dutch oven (2)
  • Small camping Water Kettle
Off Grid Solar and Water Camping Kit Add-on:
This shows a lot of what is in the kit. This kit does not include the Fusion Solar cooker. We don't usually rent that out, but please feel free to reach out if you are really interested in it.

This premium package is designed by the awesome team at GoSun and will let you go off grid with many of the amenities of home, but in an amazing solar-powered package! It contains:

  • An electric 40L cooler that that doesn't need ice to keep your stuff cold. It can keep food cold, frozen, dry, and organized and can be powered by the sun!
  • A 144WH Lithium ion electric power bank that stores solar energy to be used at your site for the cooler and other electronics.
  • USB and solar powered water pump and faucet with a collapsible sink. This can also clip anywhere to serve as a mobile, on demand shower.
  • A submersible 12v water heater for warm showers.
  • A 60 watt solar panel that doubles as a sturdy camping table to power all your solar gear.
Storage Options Add-on:

Are you traveling with a full crew or need extra storage? The 60" x 40" Trailer hitch basket cargo carrier has a 500 pound capacity and a storage bag to carry a ton of extras and protect them from the elements. Except extra passengers. Please don't transport them in there. That would be silly.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our fun (along with a pun!) little "Orange You Glad" (I didn't say Banana), then please don't hesitate to let us know. She is a 2005 Honda Element with over 160k miles and no spring chicken but well loved and she will love you and yours.

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