Orange You Glad

"Orange You Glad" Element Stealth Camper

Make and Model
Honda Element
Sleeps 4, Seats 4

"Orange you Glad"

I didn't say banana? It's an orange Honda Element... get it? Of course you do, You're clever! That is why you are looking into renting this fun and friendly "stealth camper".

"Orange You Glad" is our family Honda Element converted into a stealth camper ready to hit the road and camp anywhere you want to spend the night. She will seat and sleep 4 comfortably. Two can sleep in the car and two on the rooftop tent. This is a great vehicle for 2-4 person camping and has indoor lighting and some fun hidden secrets. If you are just a party of two then you can sleep in the car comfortably with no one being the wiser. Hence, "stealth camper". If you want to go really stealth we can even remove the top tent and no one will know you are sleeping in the car!

We provide an extensive camping kit that is ready to toss in the car and roll so if you are from out of town, or new to camping you don't have to travel with the basics.

Custom Features:

  • Interior rechargeable lighting to party all night long.
  • Rechargeable electric fan
  • Bug screening to sleep with the windows open (Coming Soon).
  • Custom interior blackout shades that provide some interior color (Coming Soon).

About the tent:

The tent takes one person just a few minutes to set up and get open then just a few more to get all the windows that I want open and situated just right. Around 15 minutes all said and done. Packing it back up is pretty much the same.

  • Spacious design provides excellent head room to fully sit up and relax in the tent and take in the views from the large screened side windows.
  • Made from high quality 600D rip-stop ventilate coated poly-cotton material so you will be protected from even the heaviest rain and winds.
  • 2-1/2” high density foam mattress makes it seem like you are sleeping at home (If you have a firm mattress at home that is. In our family, dad likes it, mom needs a bit more cushion so she brings a camping mat.
Tent Add-ons
  • Want some more privacy or options to sleep outside? For a small additional fee, the tent comes with large 90”x90” fully enclosed annex with two side screened windows and front & rear door. It serves as a privacy changing room or an extra tent for two or so people.
  • Want to take this bad boy camping in the early spring, late fall, or even winter? You could also add-on a custom fitted insulator to keep the tent a lot warmer at night.
Kitchen Supplies:
  • Propane Camping Stove (2 burners)
  • Propane Tank (1 lb)
  • Kitchen and Grill Utensils
  • Cast Iron Pans (2)
  • Camping Water Kettle
  • French Press
  • Forks (4), Knives (4), Spoons (4)
  • Plates (4), Bowls (4), Mugs (4), Cups (4)
  • Salt and Pepper
Camping Supplies:
  • Camping Stadium Seats (2)
  • Portable Electric Lights/Lantern
  • Foldable Camp Table
  • Small Backpacking Fire Pit / Grill
  • Marshmallow/Hot Dog Roasting Prongs
  • Electric Fan
  • Pillows (4)
  • pillow cases (4)
  • Blankets (4)
  • 4 inch Memory Foam Mattresses (2)
  • Fitted Sheets (2)
  • Top Sheets (2)
Cleaning Supplies:
  • Kitchen Towel and Drying Mat
  • Dish soap (small container plant-based, eco friendly, natural fragrance)
  • Wash Basin
  • Surface Cleaner Spray (plant-based, eco friendly, natural fragrance)
  • Sponge (walnut and all natural vegetable cellulose based)
  • Trash bags (2 13 gal. Recycled)
  • Dustpan and broom
  • Cloth Cleaning Rags
Any questions?

If you have any questions about our fun (along with a pun!) little "Orange You Glad" (I didn't say Banana), then please don't hesitate to let us know. She is a 2005 Honda Element with over 160k miles and no spring chicken but well loved and she will love you and yours.

Photo Gallery:

It may look small, but "Orange You Glad" is set up to sleep 4 people comfortably.
View from the front with the tent deployed and ready to party all night long... or sleep, if you are into that.
Me and the boy stick our heads out to say hello.
A view from the amazing wide-open roof which can close easily for rain or to keep it warmer.
Looking in to the "3 person" tent. As we all know, if you want to move at all in a tent, this is really a 2-person tent. Our family of three (including a 6 year old fits just fine though.
The tent is all packed up and ready for the next opportunity to "Choose Your Own Adventure".

Interior Photos Coming Soon!

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