General renting question
For questions about renting from Outdoorsy head over to this link and click on the renters tab. It should cover just about everything. Anything specific about our vans see below.
Are y'all pet friendly?
Absolutely. We travel with our dogs all the time in both vehicles. We do some extra cleaning after trips with dogs to benefit all out the outdoor lovers who might be allergic, which is why we charge a small cleaning fee for trips with pets.
Do I need to fill up the tank?
When you pick up a van it will be full. Please return it full so that we can get it on its next trip as quickly as possible. Any gas that is needed to top off will be charged $5/gal against your deposit.
Is mileage included?
"Orange You Glad" (the Element) has 100 miles/day included with $.5o/ mile over that. "Vanadium" includes 150 miles/day with $.45/mile after that.
When Can I pick them up?
We work by appointment only. Both of us have full time jobs at schools and our bosses generally frown upon us leaving whenever we want. There is some flexibility if needed, but normally pickup and drop-off can happen after 4.
Can I leave my car there?
If you drive to us you can feel free to leave your car here. We have a big driveway and could pull yours all the way up. Just please realize that we can't be responsible for any damage while it is here.
Where can I go?
Anywhere in the contiguous US that your heart desires. Mexico is a no go, unfortunately due to insurance. Canada is possible, but has different insurance and will need to be approved.
What kind of electricity do they have?
"Orange You Glad" is just a Honda Element that has been customized a bit. We have a rechargeable electric fan, and battery-powered lighting on the inside but it is more like traditional camping. "Vanadium" has a 300aH battery that recharges as you drive. This powers the appliances, vent fan, recharging phones and laptops and the like. If you have specific questions about how long it lasts, please let us know. Vanadium also has a shore hookup so you can stay put for a while if you want.
Do I have to drive stick?
All of our vehicles are automatic.
Where can I park?
Anywhere you have permission to park. You do not need an RV spot. We have lots of strategies for parking free so feel free to ask us about your trip.
Can we go off road?
If you mean a dirt road, then yes. Carefully like you would with any other two-wheel drive vehicle. We don't have 4x4 and just normal all-weather tires.
What if I damage something?
Any damage to the vehicle during the rental period is your responsibility. This includes interior or exterior damage. We take meticulous care of our vehicles and would ask that you treat them like yours.
What is the cancellation policy?
We offer a flexible cancelation policy. Full refund up to 5 days before pickup, then 75% refund for remaining days. We would ask you to let us know ASAP se we can try to rent it out to someone else. Click here for more info. Our policy is the flexible policy.
What happens if there is a breakdown?
If the worst happens and you have mechanical issues, please contact us immediately and let us know what is happening. We do offer roadside assistance as an additional option at booking. If you don't purchase that there is a more expensive per diem option in the event of issues. We want to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If your vehicle is held overnight due to being at a repair shop, that night’s rental fee will be refunded.
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