"Vanadium" Custom Adventure Van

Make and Model
Ford Transit Midroof
2017 (Converted in 2020)
Sleeps 4+, Seats up to 8


Its elemental! This is our flagship vehicle and she is amazing. Made by the incredible VanDOit team right here in Kansas City, this modular custom adventure van is ready for you to get on the road to "Choose Your Own Adventure"! The van sits up to 8 people with removable seats. It has two full size beds with room for more people and animals to sleep on the floor and/or bench seats. This is an amazing vehicle for 2 or more people to get out in... the elements! Sorry I can't resist. I'm a science educator and a van lover. Vanadium is element Number 23 in case you were wondering.

This van is just plain amazing. Full disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for VanDOit because I firmly believe that they have the best product on the market for adventure vans. If you have any questions about VanDOit, our "Vanadium", or the process, feel free to reach reach out!

Custom Features:

  • Full electrical system that works with shore hookups and recharges while driving.
  • Electric water pump from a 6 gallon tank that can be used inside or outside the van (Water is not heated)
  • Smart TV and DVD player that fold up out of the way when not in use.
  • Two fold-down full-sized beds. These also can serve as couches and desks during the day.
  • An efficient Espar air heater inside to allow for all-season camping.
  • A retractable 8 ft. easy-up roof-mounted Canopy for shade outside.
  • Interior lighting (dome and accent) to party all night long.
  • A rooftop air vent for increased airflow.
  • Moisture and mold resistant insulation.
  • Bug screening to sleep with the doors open.
  • Passenger Swivel seat to turn the van into a living room.
Kitchen Supplies:
  • InstaPot (3 quart)
  • Electric Water Kettle
  • Electric Stovetop (single burner)
  • Cast Iron Pans (2)
  • Kitchen and Grill Utensils
  • French Press
  • Forks (4), Knives (4), Spoons (4)
  • Plates (4), Bowls (4), Mugs (4), Cups (4)
  • Salt and Pepper
Camping Supplies:
  • Camping Stadium Seats (2)
  • Foldable Camp Table
  • Small Backpacking Fire Pit / Grill
  • Marshmallow/Hot Dog Roasting Prongs
  • Extension Cord
  • Pillows (4)
  • Blankets (4)
  • 4 inch Memory Foam Mattresses (4)
  • Fitted Sheets (4)
  • Top Sheets (4)
  • pillow cases (4)
Cleaning Supplies:
  • Kitchen Towel and Drying Mat
  • Dish soap (small container plant-based, eco friendly, natural fragrance)
  • Wash Basin
  • Surface Cleaner Spray (plant-based, eco friendly, natural fragrance)
  • Sponge (walnut and all natural vegetable cellulose based)
  • Trash bags (2 13 gal. Recycled)
  • Dustpan and broom
  • Cloth Cleaning Rags

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our elemental "Vanadium", then please don't hesitate to let us know. She is a 2017 Ford Transit T350 XLT Midroof with EcoBoost and can get you where you need to go and let you stay where you want.

Vanadium ready for an adventure!
A shot of the single best camping sites we have ever been to. A short day-trip away from Kansas City.
A view from a great recent trip that we took to the Ozarks.
Vanadium with her awning fully deployed to protect you from the Sun and rain.

Interior Photos:

In these photos we have on both the dome and accent lighting. Both of the lights are dimmable and you can turn one or both off as needed.

The boy and I are hanging out in the beds set up to sleep 4 people.
Set up to seat and sleep four people who want to "Choose Your Own Adventure"!
Vanadium is set up to sleep two people here with the top bed used as a storage shelf.
Have three people on your trip? No problem. We got that covered too!
Two people on your trip that don't want to sleep next to each other, try out the double bunk! We leave it like this on in couch setup during the day so we can move around more easily.
"Couch Setup!!! What is that?" you ask. Here ya go! When I take the van solo, or for day trips to a lake, this is how I roll.
We also love playing games and hanging out on the couch. This is VanLife Y'all!
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